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Kariym Patterson

Boxing / Fitness

Coach Kariym has an intense drive and passion for the sport of boxing. From training amateurs to professionals or helping you strive to reach your personal best in health and fitness via boxing techniques, he’s your man!


Tyreice Stokes

Boxing / Fitness

As the very first student of APJ Boxing, Tyriece has won several boxing tournaments for the club and is now giving his wealth of boxing knowledge and technique to our new students.

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Denzil Jenkins

Club X (Kickboxing Class)

Your health is serious, but your workouts don’t have to be! Denzil Jenkins is the lead instructor for our Club X (Kickboxing Class). His dedication to group fitness is unmatched. He's also an amateur boxer and model.

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Colvyn Mitchell


Coach Mitch is a veteran Marine with over 40 years of coaching experience with countless hours of studying the sport. You will feel comfortable training with a coach that dedicates his time and energy into helping others succeed and obtain their goals.